Monday, March 19, 2012

#22 Be still and know that I am God. [Psalm 46:10]

It was about a month ago.  My father-in-law arrived home from the hospital.  He is still ill but the insurance would no longer cover his rehabilitative hospital stay.  Therefore, one family member a week agreed to go over to the house and stay with dad and care for him.  Physical and Occupational Therapy would still come to the home and work with dad; however, we still needed to be there.

The past three Monday's have been days where I go over to my In-Law's house and spend time with dad.  We get him up, eat together, talk, pray, and do the things that dad needs done.

Now, I am going to be honest in this blog this afternoon.  When I first heard that I was going to go over once a week and care for dad I was...shall I say....less than enthused? But the Lord reminded me of something that we have been going through in our church throughout Lent - a little book entitled, "Why Give" written by John Devries.  The main thrust of the book is that God is a giver - He gave us all, especially and most notably His Son.  Therefore, in response and in collaboration with the Lord, we are called to be givers.

I was reminded of this principle...and hesitatingly agreed to go over once a week.  Now, I have to tell you something - Monday is absolutely a day that I look forward to now.  Dad is funny.  I enjoy spending time with him.  And do you want to know one of the greatest parts of my Monday?  My phone gets no service in his home or neighborhood.  What this means is that I cannot spend the time just calling people and getting, "work" done.  I just spend time with dad.

Today we took a walk through his neighborhood.  It is hard work getting dad out of the house.  His entire left side is, I would say, 90% immobilized.  His mind is all there - but he simply cannot use his left side.  Therefore, to get him out of the house we have to help him transfer from the chair to a wheelchair at the bottom of the steps.  Then transfer him from the wheelchair to the Ameriglide stair lift to get him up the stairs.  Then from the stair lift back to a wheelchair and then out of the house.  It is difficult to do.

Yet, today is a gorgeous day in Maryland.  My phone did not work, I was not distracted, and we just spend about one hour walking through his neighborhood.  We stopped and smelled flowers.  We listened to birds.  We talked with neighbors.  It was a God moment.  No distractions.  No interruptions.  Just me, dad, and the Lord taking a walk.  We spoke about God and faith.  We talked about his determination to get back to walking again.

Dad is happy to be home.  I am glad he is home too.  I am glad that the insurance company refused in-hospital rehabilitation care.  If it did not, I would not have been able to get to know my Father-In-Law better - and I would not be able to appreciate this, "Be Still" moment with God.

I live in Maryland.  My brother and mother took the brunt of care-giving for my father who passed away from Alzheimers.  This is my first real extended caregiving experience.  And I see God through it all.

My goal in this blog is simple - say yes.  Say yes when someone asks you to give.  You never know how the Lord will bless you in giving.  Amen.

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